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PaceTrail aims to launch the worlds Thinnest Cellular Trackers

Pacetrail will be launching the world thinnest cellular tracker powered for small and large pets which is rich in features like Geo-fencing, Live Tracking, Wellness and Activity Monitor, SOS and On-Demand Tracking. The device has true global range powered with LTE/NBIOT/GPS/Bluetooth Wireless technologies and can achieve impressive accuracy indoors and outdoors.


Most pet trackers available for purchase are often too large for small dogs or cats. The Pacetrail Global Pet has a impressive size of 32x32mm and a thickness of just 8.95mm making it more comfortable than any tracker on market.


The Pacetrail Global Pet Tracker lasts 3+ months on a single charge on low power ‘on-demand tracking mode’ so that you dont have to take out time every week to charge it.

The Trackers are designed using low power algorithms that put the device into sleep mode when there’s no activity. Despite monitoring a range of behaviours or tracing your pet’s location, they’ll always find time to save energy and make sure their charge lasts as long as possible.

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The Trackers are expected to launch in Mid July 2021 and ready for shipping on first week of December 

We know how distressing it can be to lose something important to you, no matter how big or small. Our smart technology makes tracking easier than ever before, offering meticulous accuracy and in-depth data analysis. Straightforward to use but advanced in their tracking power, our intelligent devices are the perfect way to monitor detailed insights, straight from your smartphone.

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