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In 2020 Two Tragic events 'The California Wildfires' and the 'Australian Bushfires' which burned through a combined total of 50 million+ acres were the moments that defined the humble beginning of PaceTrail. We witnessed friends and family having to evacuate along with thousands of pets that couldn't make it and we recognised the need to create a solution for personal SOS Safety, GPS Tracking, Pet Safety & Wellness

PaceTrail was created to solve this problem by a group of extremely talented individuals by making progress in the direction of tracking over cellular with cutting edge Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools. Our engineering talent team involved bringing together the best minds in machine learning, cellular and GPS tracking, telecommunication network design and activity tracking that have worked in some of the most prestigious electronics labs and have a proven history of bringing commercial products to market.

Our Mission is to make improvements in machine learning embedded systems with upcoming sports and cellular trackers that leapfrog old technologies and makes a positive impact on our customers.

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