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A GPS Tracker Straight out of a Hollywood Spy Movie

If you are into spy movies, such as the James Bond or Mission Impossible franchises, you are familiar with gadgets that are used to discretely track people from a safe distance. However, none of the GPS trackers on the market come close to those gadgets. That is until the PaceTrail Global Card hits the market this year!

The device is the size of a credit card (and it looks like one), however it picks up GPS satellites and 4G LTE cellular connection with worldwide coverage and network roaming capabilities. The fact that the Global Card comes with Bluetooth, NFC, SOS Emergency Services and 3 Month Battery life that is rechargeable is what makes it unbelievable.

Coming soon to crowdfunding platforms, the discreet tracker has implications for safety, security, and convenience

This clever device was designed to be the world’s thinnest GPS tracker, and fit easily into wallets, laptop bags, luggage, placard holders and more. Its design was inspired by through years of innovation on cellular tracking and demands in the aged-care tracking, medical, security and safety industry.  

You will surprised to know that the PaceTrail Global Card offers a lot more than just GPS tracking. It can also be used as a Digital Business Card to send and receive your professional details with a tap on the phone. It is a cool flex on your less tech-savvy colleagues and it is also a great way to break the ice with anyone. After all, who doesn’t like gadgets that are right out of a spy movie?.


Pacetrail Luggage Tag Main 2
Pacetrail Luggage Tag Main 3

According to the PaceTrail Team, the Global Card is seeing a massive surge in queries by enterprise customers. Some of the most exciting requests comes from corporate security teams that want to utilize the Card to open office door locks and  log the movement of visitors on office campus by leveraging its ability to change the encryption key every hour through cellular connections. Companies that cater to Event & Expo Management, Aged care are also interested in using the Card this to track team members whereabouts.

The CARD also helps users expand their networks through NFC-powered information exchanges

The PaceTrail Card is scheduled to launch on KickStarter in Late August 2021. The Company plans to offer backers the chance to get this device with production pricing & lifetime discounts on subscriptions.


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